Poudre River Benefits

Why is Thornton a positive for the Poudre River?

No new diversions

Thornton’s water pipeline project does not include any new diversions from the Poudre River, only different uses of the water that is already being diverted. The water Thornton will deliver through its pipeline is water owned by Thornton through its shares in the Water Supply and Storage Company (WSSC). WSSC’s water has been diverted for irrigation uses from the same place on the Poudre River for over 130 years. Thornton has a Water Court Decree that allows Thornton to use its WSSC water for municipal uses in Thornton. The Water Court Decree also requires Thornton to take specific actions to protect the Poudre River, shareholders in the WSSC system, and other water users on the Poudre River. Several other water providers and municipalities also use water from the WSSC system to provide water to their residents.

Thornton is adding new water to the Poudre.

Thornton is a partner in “Poudre Flows”, which is a coalition of Poudre River water users, water providers, state agencies, as well the Colorado Water Trust. The Poudre Flows partners have developed and are implementing a project that will protect and improve river flows on the Cache la Poudre River.

Learn more at coloradowatertrust.org.

Thornton collaborates with others for a healthy Poudre

Thornton staff have participated on The Poudre Runs Through It Study/Action Work Group for over 10 years. PRTI consists of approximately 25 citizen experts representing a diversity of interests who were selected to study the Poudre River and formulate cooperative actions based on what they learn. The goal of PRTI is “to make the Poudre River the world’s best example of a working river that’s also healthy.”

Learn more at poudreheritage.com/prti.

Thornton is supporting the Poudre watershed health and fire recovery

Thornton participates in the Larimer Recovery Collaborative – Watershed Subgroup coordinated by Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed (CPRW). This is a working group that was formed in response to the Cameron Peak and East Troublesome fires. CPRW is the coordinator for this group.  This group determines projects and seeks funding to mitigate the impacts of the fires.

Learn more at larimer.gov.