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Larimer County


“We are certainly disappointed and disagree with elements of the Larimer County District Court’s decision. Although, we agree with the court’s decision that the commissioners exceeded their authority to require any consideration of a non-pipeline alternative such as sending Thornton’s water down the Poudre River. Thornton was hopeful to move forward in Larimer County with the process of bringing the quality water Thornton owns via pipeline to our residents.  We remain committed to ensuring the people of Thornton get the water they own and after taking sufficient time to review the judge’s decision we will determine our next steps.” – Todd Barnes, Thornton Communications Director

excerpt from the court decision:

“The court finds that denying Thornton’s proposal based upon the failure to include a Poudre River alternative, or requiring the consideration of a non-pipeline alternative as part of Thornton’s 1041 application, goes beyond the BOCC’s authority to regulate and determine the appropriate siting and development of a “pipeline” under C.R.S. §24-65.1-204 and the 1041 regulations adopted by Larimer County,  included in the Larimer County Land Use Code, Chapter 14.” (p. 18).