Active construction is underway in Adams and Weld counties.

Poudre River Benefits

Why is Thornton a positive for the Poudre River?

Agriculture Benefits

Thornton is committed to supporting agriculture by implementing several programs and initiatives.

The Thornton Water Project is a pipeline that will bring water purchased by Thornton in the 1980s through Larimer, Weld and Adams counties to the city of Thornton.

Thornton residents and businesses invested in a clean, safe and reliable drinking supply and this project will help deliver the water our community needs well beyond 2050.

Thornton’s project does not divert additional water from the Poudre River. The water for this project has been diverted from the river and used for farming within the Water Supply and Storage Company’s irrigation system for over a century.

This website is intended to provide Thornton, Larimer and Weld County residents and others with information on the pipeline, timely construction information and various ways to get in contact with our team for additional questions about the project.

We have one of the lowest per-person water usage rates in the state, and will continue to be a leader in water conservation, but conservation alone isn’t sufficient to meet our ongoing and future water supply needs.

We want to continue to be a good community neighbor and collaborate with stakeholders early in the process. In addition, it takes many years to perform the necessary studies and designs, acquire the necessary approvals and easements, and construct a 70-mile-long pipeline.  

Thornton Water Project Location Map [PDF/2MB].

The specific location of the pipeline has been determined for the majority of the corridor. We have identified a specific alignment and location for the pipeline, and we are working with property owners to acquire the necessary easements. The 42-inch pipeline will be buried with some appurtenances and access points above ground.