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Thornton Water Project Larimer County 1041 Permit Update

On January 29, 2018, Thornton received notification that Larimer County is requesting more detailed information regarding the use of the Douglas Road right-of-way for construction of the Thornton Water Project, and on the proposed source water pump station.  Thornton welcomes the opportunity to provide this information for Larimer County, so both entities can more precisely identify whether Thornton can construct the pipeline completely within the Douglas Road right-of-way, or if there are areas where going outside of it may be needed. The scheduled public hearings will be delayed as Thornton prepares this supplemental information for the County’s review.

Thornton believes this is a positive development for everyone involved in the Thornton Water Project.  It has always been our intent to define a specific route along Douglas Road, avoid the use of private property along the road where we can, and work with the community on the location of the pump station. 

The additional information the County has requested will show a much more precise alignment, which will assure residents where the pipeline is going (and not going), and provide the details that the Larimer County Planning Commission and County Commissioners will need for their review.  The rescheduled public hearings will allow the public and the County time to review this supplemental information.

To that end and per the Larimer County informational meeting on January 25, Thornton has already begun on-the-ground surveying of Douglas Road in order to identify alignment possibilities within the Douglas Road right-of-way. We look forward to continuing to work with local residents and completing this work as soon as possible.