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Thornton Residents

The Thornton Water Project will bring a clean, safe and reliable water supply Thornton purchased in the 1980s to help meet the city’s current and future needs. Bringing this high quality water supply will serve two purposes:

Thornton requires this water supply by 2025.

To pay for this project, Thornton increased its water rates significantly over the past 5 years. The city’s rates will remain in the middle range of what other cities and towns are charging for water in the north metro area. A financing plan for several key water projects was approved that will help the city continue to provide a healthy and robust water supply for residents and businesses well into the future.

We are committed to bringing this water to our city and are working hard to complete this project for you.

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City of Thornton Water Conservation Efforts

The city of Thornton has one of the lowest per-person water usage rates in the state, and will continue to be a leader in water conservation.

To learn about the city’s water conservation efforts, rebates, and water-saving tips, please click on the button below.